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Roxy Girl: Veronica Kay photos

Roxy Girl: Veronica Kay

Date of Birth: December 8, 1980

Height: 5’11"

Stance: Reguar

Sponsors: Roxy, Channel Islands Surfboards

Current Residence: Dana Point, CA

Veronica Kay baker fell in love with the ocean, growing up within walking distance to the La Jolla shores, in sunny San Diego. It wasn’t until Veronica was 13 that she rode her first wave, the wave that would change her life. "The first thing I remember was looking down at my feet, at the water rushing past and I knew, from that time on that I was going to do this for the rest of my life."

With just a year of surfing under her belt, she entered in her first contest and won. At 15, she was approached by Quiksilver to represent their new women’s line, Roxy. Veronica, or VK to her friends, continued to dominate the amateur by placing first in both conference ratings for the next two years. By 17, Veronica had claimed the title of West Coast Chamion and a month later won the NSSA High School National Championships.

By the time the fall semester of her senior year of high school rolled around, Veronica was on a plane headed towards her destiny, to travel the world and become the international face for Roxy. That year while surfing G-land, an amazing surf break in Indonesia, she was spotted by Bruce Raymond and asked to join the team along with Kelly Slater and Lisa Andersen.

Since then she’s been living the dream, traveling to exotic locations and shooting ad campaigns around the globe. Although modeling was always a means to an end, it never the less turned VK into the most recognized rider globally in women’s surf culture today. Veronica has been featured in several prestigious fashion and action sports magazines including, but not limited to: Teen People, Fashion 18, Seventeen, Elle, Teen Vogue, W, Shape, Conde Naste, and YM. She has graced the covers of SG Magazine, Cooler, Seventh Sky, Women’s Health and Fitness, American Health and Fitness, Surf N’ Beach California, Men’s Health, IQ Air and Style, Beach Girls and Sport Partner. In 2002 she made Maxim’s "Hot 100" list as well as Stuff’s "100 Sexiest Women In the World". She has done numerous TV appearances: hosting "Wild on E!", "VH1’s Smoking Hot Talk", "Fashion TV", as well as countless news casts and radio interviews. She was also one of the stars on the WB’s hit series "The Boarding House", which aired in 2003.

Veronica has continued living the life she dreamed from the first day she stood up on that wave. She continues to embody the Roxy image and inspires girls around the world to go surfing. Her talents extend beyond her surfboard and there isn’t much that this girl can’t do, or hasn’t already done. A seasoned world traveler, she has jumped out of planes, climed rocks, heli-skiied, snowboarded glaciers in the Alps, been scuba-diving off ship-wrecks in Papua New Guinea, and surfed just about everywhere that you can. She loves fishing and her new found love of golf and gardening. Veronica now resides in Newport Beach with her husband and dog Deuce where she is still surfing almost everyday.

Roxy Fan

The reason why a became obsessed with Roxy was the magazine ads. Those ads showed me the surfing-beach lifestyle that I could never live, since I live in a place where there is no waves to surf, and the Roxy swimwear is the best. All of this was back in 1997, I guess that in this time was when Roxy was becoming more notable, but it was really hard to find Roxy clothes. All my Roxy clothes I bought it in Tucson, lucky me that there was a Quiksilver Boardriders Club at the Foothills Mall. My first Roxy purchase were watches. I even have videotaped a tv program about how they made the Roxy add and tag campaign for the year 2001

Also I feel in love with the first Roxy Girls: Sanoe Lake, Veronica Kay, Lila Balmores, Christiana Janssen, Missy Gibson, Dayze Shane, Megan Abubo, Lisa Andersen; who were part of the Roxy surfing team.

Another thing for what I fell in love whith Roxy is that their models are normal girls who surf, are athletic and can be found in any beach of California, Australia or Hawaii. They didn't use model agencies to hire skinny models, until now. The last three campaigns change the way of the ads. Roxy became more fashion and they started to use skinny models. At first I didn't like it and still can't believe that they are using this models instead of surfer girls, but i guess that it is part of the business and the time.

Veronica Kay was the official Roxy girl, but her reign ended with the beginning of the campaign of 2003. She is still an important part of the Roxy history, Lisa Andersen and Megan Abubo are members of the Roxy team. Sanoe Lake now is part of the Billabong girls surf team, and the others, well; i guess they model every once in a while. Right now I can't tell who are the Roxy girls because since 2003 they change the models in every campaign. I can mention Kassia Meador, a longboarder, who is the only surfer that appear at the ads.

It has been 11 years since the first time that i saw a Roxy add, and i just can get enough of them.
I have been collecting ads and tags since then and one of my door in my room is covered with Roxy ads that i constantly change.

I Love Roxy.

Roxy History

The leading brand for active girl's, Roxy, was launched in 1991 with the introduction of swimwear. The success of the first season was reflected in a sales volume totaling $1.1 million. In 1992, the following year, Roxy moved into sportwear by introducing junior denim and snow wear into their expanding line.

In 1993, the Roxy logo was born. The heart shaped crest, a feminine version of the very recognizable Quiksilver logo, was created to encompass the soulful, spiritual vibe that defines Roxy. The most significant innovation for Roxy, to date, was the birth of its signature boardshort, introduced in the same year. The boardshort, inspired by the women's outrigger team and the women's surf team in Hawaii, was the answer for active girl's who were buying men's shorts to achieve the same flexibility and fit that every athlete demands.

1994 marked a turning point for Roxy when swimwear was reintroduced. The beginning of the Roxy Boardrider's Team was created with the sponsorship of 1994 Surfing World Title Champion, Lisa Anderson. In 1995, accessories and eyewear products, new categories to Roxy, were layered into the line enhancing an image of achievement and innovation. Also, in 1995, the first annual Quiksilver/Roxy Women's Pro Surfing Event took place on the north shore of Hawaii, on Sunset Beach. Roxy sponsors the final stop on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Champion Tour, which continues to be the most dynamic and exciting segment of the tour.

In the spring of 1996, Roxy made its fashion week debut at the Girl's Rule Show in New York. Footwear and watches, two new categories, were added to the Roxy line. Roxy was nominated for The California Rising Star Award recognizing design innovation and excellence. A national advertising campaign was launched with fashion photographer Dewey Nicks. The Roxy Boardriders Team expanded to include: Lisa Andersen, Megan Abubo, Lila Balmores, Tina Bessinger, Veronica Kay, Daize Shayne, Allison Lopez, Missy Gibson, Tanya Booth, Rachel Greff, and Cristiana Janssen.

In early 1997 Roxy opened it's first freestanding store in Hawaii. Teenie Wahine, a children's line targeting girl's 7-14 years old, was introduced in Spring 1997. Roxy designers were honored with a nomination for The California Designer of the Year Award.

1998 marked a year of innovation with Roxy’s first fragrance, "Hula Scent" and surf wax called "Sexy Wax" which has the same scent. Created by Roxy surfers, Hula Scent is combination of scents including offshore breezes coming from California citrus groves, tropical Hawaiian florals, the salty-sweet smell of the beach and the light woodsy smell of a piece of driftwood. Utilizing these four keynotes enabled "Hula Scent" to encompass all elements of beach life.

Roxy accessories division boomed in 1999 with jewelry, bags, backpacks, travel accessories and a full line of footwear. Roxy room was created at the end of the year giving Roxy girls everything they need to live the Roxy life including bedding, lamps, posters, and other accessories for a girls room.

The millennium marked a year of change and growth for Roxy with a new designer Dana Dartez, formerly at Sugar, a second free standing retail store in South Cost Plaza, and a new line of Beauty products. Beauty Supply which launched Spring 2001 includes a wide range of products such as Sparkling Body Butter, Tropical Body Mist, Happy Hair detangler spray, Tropical Body Lotion, Fun Wash facial scrub, Soothing Body Gel, All Over Sparkle Gel and Lip Sparkle. Each product promotes serious skin care in the most fun and approachable way possible. Roxy has also created a new fragrance, "Roxy Love" scheduled to hit stores in time for Holiday 2000. Roxy will continue to develop new products into the Roxy Beauty Supply line including glitter and shimmer products, lip color and eventually cosmetics.

Roxy continues to grow its line by practicing its proactive, progressive style of dressing active girls for all facets of life. Roxy sponsors surf camps on the east and west coasts, a stop on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Champion Tour in Hawaii, and two amateur surf contests in Southern California, the Wahine Classic and the Capitola Classic. Roxy remains active with store promotions and autograph signings by team riders.