miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008

Roxy Fan

The reason why a became obsessed with Roxy was the magazine ads. Those ads showed me the surfing-beach lifestyle that I could never live, since I live in a place where there is no waves to surf, and the Roxy swimwear is the best. All of this was back in 1997, I guess that in this time was when Roxy was becoming more notable, but it was really hard to find Roxy clothes. All my Roxy clothes I bought it in Tucson, lucky me that there was a Quiksilver Boardriders Club at the Foothills Mall. My first Roxy purchase were watches. I even have videotaped a tv program about how they made the Roxy add and tag campaign for the year 2001

Also I feel in love with the first Roxy Girls: Sanoe Lake, Veronica Kay, Lila Balmores, Christiana Janssen, Missy Gibson, Dayze Shane, Megan Abubo, Lisa Andersen; who were part of the Roxy surfing team.

Another thing for what I fell in love whith Roxy is that their models are normal girls who surf, are athletic and can be found in any beach of California, Australia or Hawaii. They didn't use model agencies to hire skinny models, until now. The last three campaigns change the way of the ads. Roxy became more fashion and they started to use skinny models. At first I didn't like it and still can't believe that they are using this models instead of surfer girls, but i guess that it is part of the business and the time.

Veronica Kay was the official Roxy girl, but her reign ended with the beginning of the campaign of 2003. She is still an important part of the Roxy history, Lisa Andersen and Megan Abubo are members of the Roxy team. Sanoe Lake now is part of the Billabong girls surf team, and the others, well; i guess they model every once in a while. Right now I can't tell who are the Roxy girls because since 2003 they change the models in every campaign. I can mention Kassia Meador, a longboarder, who is the only surfer that appear at the ads.

It has been 11 years since the first time that i saw a Roxy add, and i just can get enough of them.
I have been collecting ads and tags since then and one of my door in my room is covered with Roxy ads that i constantly change.

I Love Roxy.

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